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Juan Cole gives the very best, most balanced commentary on the Middle East that you will find in one place. Thank you, Al, for pointing me there.
Keeping Count: Civilian casualties in the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, and Palestine.
List of Lists: Links to news from Pakistan, the Middle East, and Europe
What does Peace Look Like?
Sabeel is an ecumenical non-violent liberation movement initiated by Palestinian Christians. Both the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem have written articles for Sabeel's Newsletter.
Sabeel Newsletter archives. Contributors have included Archbishop Desmond Tutu and respected Palestinian legislator, Hanan Ashrawi.
Peace Now: This decades-old Israeli organization offers a new website filled with information about the possibilities of non-violent resistence to both "occupation" and "terror".
Al Bushra is the website of the Palestinian Christian community of Northern California. It is both a heartfelt plea for justice and an archive full of historical information. See especially this article written in 1947 by King Abdullah of Jordan, the grandfather of Jordan's late King Hussein. ( Abdullah was murdered in front of his young grandson in 1951 on the steps of the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, a victim of his moderation.)
Does "holding fast to the truth" of your enemy's humanity ("satyagraha") make any sense in the midst of a war? This amazing interview of Hanan Ashrawi and Rami Elhanan recorded July 1, 2002, addresses this question. (Elhanan is an Israeli whose 14 year old daughter was murdered by suicide bombers in 1997.)

What does Peace Look Like?