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Where can i buy viagra in brisbane ? i need to buy this medicine in brisbane or uk and is i can get it in brisbane. Answer: It is not as easy buying from a website. People often buy online from other countries such as the US. They will find viagra and other generic drugs at such websites. If you have prescription from your doctor and can get the medicine from your doctor's dispensing centre, then it is perfectly legal. Viagra can be available at your local pharmacy for the price of around $60 (NZ$87) for a full strength or $35 (NZ$48) for 2 tablets. Some pharmacies also stock tablets online for a little less. If you still want to buy viagra online, you will need to check with the pharmacies where you make purchase to see if they will sell you Viagra, and also need to check what the terms and conditions for selling the medicine say. If you buy online, make sure ensure the dru